Sunday, September 9, 2012

Risk Averse Or Risk Taker

After dismissing the class, Nu'man walking to the foyer upstairs.

He has to climb the Batu Caves Stairs before reaching to the foyer.

Known as the Batu Caves Stairs because of its steep and its height similar to the stairs at Batu Caves Hindus Temple.

Adam, his classmate following him from behind.

While stepping the steps to the foyer, Adam asking him a favor to have some titbit after Maghrib prayer.

The evening at Faculty of Economics and Administration is quite dark, it's cloudy.

 Issue On The Coming Election

Adam sitting in front of Nu'man. Nobody else at the foyer accept both of them.

"How is the topic today." Adam asking.

"Fine, but need to focus on the is to is yours?" Nu'man pleads.

"Of course, is Game Theory, we cannot solve it without calculation."

"You know...risk averse and risk taker are not just the theory, but it really happen in our real life..."Adam added.

"Understood, so what's your vote." Nu'man provokes.

"Really, in my daily life....I am risk averse, but sometimes I think I am  a risk taker." 


Adam get the meaning. Nu'man tries to have his stand.

Adam smiling.

"We have the knowledge on International Economics, Welfare Economics and Public Economics as well, but sometimes the word change to me is kind of hesitation." Adam responds.

"Indeed, in our daily life, we are facing both situations. But to improve the quality of our future life we need to sacrifice something to get something. There's nothing can happen without sacrificing, believe me."

 "We are risk averse because we don't want to face the situation like Egypt, Tunisia or other countries in the middle east, but they are sacrificing their blood to improve their destiny...I believe they are all  a risk averse at first but they put their moral at the top and they are a risk taker to combat the real enemy of theirs nation...indeed that is a risk but it is worth it...we too have to do that." Nu'man explaining.

Nu'man knows Adam believes the theories behind it but it is hard to accept the changes after half of the centuries living in the so call peace and prosperous.

He never knew the politics in the media.

He needs to think a lot.

He needs to read more.

Nu'man keeps his mouth shut after Adam seems uncomfortable to his explanation.

"Sorry Adam, I am a risk taker in this issue." whispering to himself.

Azhan Rashid
Amman, Jordan

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